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tv   [untitled]    July 10, 2015 9:30pm-10:01pm PDT

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. >> hi my name is stuttering a resident in mission and working in the mission for the last 4 years i live in an apartment not rer7b8d i'm a renter i've watched rent climate in the neighborhood from my prospective someone not in the protect category for affordable housing but someone that struggles with how much rent has increased in the neighborhood and in the city in general i'd like to stay in the neighborhood i think the best way out of the hole is to make it easier for new housing to be built i'm begins in
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legislation and ask we reject the interim controls the solution to have more affordable housing but that includes the housing that is market rate because what the absence of sufficient new housing at all levels including market rate it is housing only affordable for the rich and people that don't qualify for affordable housing are stuck in the middle i'd like to see up zoning in the neighborhood i'd like to see less impediments to develop in the neighborhood hopefully another some point there is a place i can afford in the mission and stay there i'm concerned 75 units built last year in the mission and the if i units in the pipeline today at risk of being derailed by additional impediments i'm concerned this will only make that harder for many people like
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me to stay in the neighborhood thank you. >> hi, i'm david golden i live in the mission and work in the mission i oppose this legislation like the previous person what we have seen a supply in the mission we've build less than hundred units in the past year a hub where a more residential feeling neighborhood and it makes it attractive for people like myself and others brother you and i want to see building become easier in the mission not to add restrictions to building i would hate it if the neighborhood i lived in would be a distribution of the low income that happen to win the
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affordable housing loiter and carve out the neighborhood i find myself in thank you. >> yes. good afternoon chair of land use commission and the association i sympathy emphasize what is going on in the mission if there are not cells we have a situation where housing is needed not only ordinary housing we're developing more than we need of market rate housing in the market rate housing they're developing not for people that live here per say their many are purchased by people as second homes or vacation homes or corporations they're not for the people that
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are living here today, we need to develop housing affordable housing that many of the residents of san francisco need people talk about we want to develop market rate housing to sort of trickle down the affordable housing well that's not going to happen the way the percentages workout we develop market rate housing that - and the whole situation unless we control is now before development permits are issued for more mandatory housing i think that is wrong and only compounds of problem of the flight of the middle-class and the poor so i think you have an opportunity now to stop the fire and try to get a plan
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in the early 90s i think that was an issue of the demolition on sunset a wholesale of demolitions probable before your time by the city government and the mayors and this board of supervisors and the planning department didn't take action but activists in the neighborhood took action and caused such an uproar there was a six months demolition moratorium to your memory in the richmond and sunset now at this point there needs to be a six months moratorium in the richmond and the mission areas i hope you take the right steps to stop this flight of the lower class. >> good afternoon thank you for letting me speak i'm tom i'm a 20-year concerned residents of san francisco i ask
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you please be courageous and vote against this the mission has issues no registering in those properties the ellis act has a lot to do with decay and violence this will not change the interim controls those are separate issues market rate for one berm is is $3,500 a month the unit above me went for $4,000 they're paying $4,000 it is crazy this is not luxury housing this is a fabulous place but certainly not luxury i know that 35 hundred is not luxury i ask you guys to look at las vegas worst and tucker two drug deny lots that are not going to dan anybody not one person displaced the light and air but
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not one person displaced they can audio good housing to people please please make more housing thank you. >> hello, i'm matthew i'm a resident of the tenderloin i've only lived in san francisco for the past it two years but i've had to move twice in the city only to find a place to live especially someone that is coming to the city now the excelsior and in the tenderloin i found something permanent i unfortunately know my colleagues have struggled wherever we go to a housing showing their expediting with dozens of other people that bids on the price bid up the price to get the place this happens over and over
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when you add layers the restrictions that delay more housing this accelerates the problem and makes it more difficult more people like me to find a place to live i ask you to vote against the legislation thank you. >> next speaker i'll call up a few more names (calling names) i think martinez (calling names). >> hi, i'm larry juicy edmond i want you to take this picture here you know just two months we haven't been here a lot has happened we have the right to get married in this nation today, we all want justice and pride and love i'm here i live
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in a t l but i do a lot of community against violence in the mission the street that is where they've build and stopped building you're going to build but the people need a habitat more humanity what we see going on in this country 34 thousand people a year stay in the city immigrants need jobs to build my ancestors picked cotton but everyone has to have a place no crime there's no crime in people have a place to stay eat and go to school what i iowa we have in america 2 hundred plus citizens are not housed there is a person
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that was shot the flag in south carolina is coming down right now as i speak in south carolina this country has not done when nixon died president carter was there with a habitat for humanity in this country how soon is mandatory wheny have slaves it is all about labor it should be working and live and go to school we all are we know that to 9 $1,000 if you don't, you don't get property america must stop as we release people from prison we can't houses them and today it is really about we had exposed a point even in china they have people that
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build affordable housing this is not here a lot of things in san francisco and we know that if you are rich you got hours your kids why don't you want to have a country where everyone here can live eat and sleep and have justice love and peace that's the message i think we're part of a big world today thank you. >> hello commissioners andrew greg i represent a couple of property owners today in question i want to acknowledge that the mission clearly has affordability and housing pressures they're going in other place in the city i am here to appeal to your sense of fairness the local folks i represent went through a
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decade-long eastern neighborhood community-based process and the property are rezoned by the city and they've been following the rules since then those controls will change the game midstream those folks spent money and time in the entitlement process playing by the rules and they're well into that this is a retroactive impediment i never thought that was a nearby undertaking and i think we're talking about by my counts fortune 4 hundred market rate units when you look at exhibit b if our executive summary so my ask you grandfather the projects that have a dea prior to today 0
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people are not impacted ennecessarily by interim controls when nature is doing the right thing thank you for your time and consideration. >> good afternoon commissioners mary i'm speaking a concerned citizen and on behalf of other concerned citizens that can't be here i don't want to go into a litany of problems but talk about solutions i'd like to suggest we support campos regulars with the analysis of the conditions are now we actually have no idea how many of those new housing or housing is actually occupied by residents anymore we need to find out what is happening with the housing being built
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and the second thing i'd like to propose and i feel i've suggested this this is the second time i've suggested we look at the enforcement issue we all know it is not working so we need to hold a hearing or have some kind of investigation and we need an explanation from the department on exactly what is the process enforcement so the public knows what it is and the people that be actually having to go into the appeals process know what it is right now we have no idea and if we could handle where people are living and solve our problems without spending a lot of time with this thank you.
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>> i've been thinking a lot this week about why this conversation is so boring and how we talk past each other and i sort of had a insight not everyone needs assistance to purchase or rent their own housing many people have a job and they can buy their own housing like that medical care many people can buy their own insurance and buy medi-cal and medicare and many people can't afford their housing with the social services and community justice to see what we can do to get housing and medical care for poor people in no other social justice field do we see people who are advocating for services for the
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poor disrupt the ability of the middle and upper classes to get the services for themselves i used to work in foreclosure defense in philadelphia we were glad there were many people not that many for foreclosure but not many people can buy their own legal serves we tried to hem them to get two- we couldn't have minimal it was effective to prevent people that were agriculture to buy legal defense buy it we would have more people undefended when we interrupt the builders to buy the housing and keep people from taking care of themselves and we see that this
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is not like oh maybe we're considering subsidizing middle-income housing we should not have to subsidize middle-income housing this is part of the world to buy their own housing except by making it difficult to build new housing we've disrupted their ability to purchase the housing now we're talking about money to fix that is absorb and the way to get middle-income people to afford housing to build the right amount of housing to match of u up with the population growth okay thanks so much. >> okay. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners i would ask you to vote against the interim drolz regardless of
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the merits of policy this issue it will be considered in november on the ballots you may have heard there was enough signatures and the planning department and planning commission i ask you not to interfere with the democratic process thank you. >> hello, i'm tommy. i'm with the human rights committee and part of the plaza 16 coalition i am in support of a moratorium on luxury housing in the mission i'm not in support of those interim controls as being proposed today they fall far short of the moratorium that the mission community overwhelmingly supports if you're talking about working with the community and hearing the community hear that the mission community
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overwhelmingly supports the moratorium that supervisor campos introduced at the board and that now hopefully will be on the ballot in november 8, '00 people from the mission came to the board an june 2nd in support of that moratorium y what you video before you is a water down version of the moratorium not addressing the issues that the neighborhood has been raising for years now it will not halt the approval of two of the worse projects the neighborhood is facing that will displace people and raise rents and bring up the property values everything a neighbor didn't want they're in the mission and 16th street and on bryant 2 thousand bryant people talk about affordable housing spring out of who knows where because you start building luxury housing number one in the
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mission luxury the so-called affordable units are not affordable to the people in the neighborhood therefore not affordable housing the people can't afford them we've heard that over and over from people in the mission i've heard about the disrupting the building the middle-income to buy housing we're talking about leveling the playing field to low income people in the mission have a chance of staking i staying in the mission that's what we're talking about we're talking about level the playing field the mission can only survive with the moratorium we need to stop the luxury housing and with the nonprofit developers in the mission to acquire those lots to leveling the playing field so
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the nonprofits can acquire those we're asking you not pass this proposal but give us a true moratorium and help us save the mission >> thank you. next speaker, please and hello good afternoon i'm from the mission sro collaborative and borden in this city in the tenderloin i don't think anyone can deny the observance there's a real crisis happening in the mission district this proposal, however explicit coordinate with the real while we feel encouraged the planning department has begun to recognize the need for action to address the affordable housing we don't believe they'll be
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effective in addressing the crisis it is an attempt of please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, indication rather than a solution to the crisis on the ground the crisis which brought to those halls this building a thousand people to rally and 8 hundred to give comment on what we want and demand and headed to the ballet a full moratorium on luxury development in the entire mission district we will not be tricked into investing our faith into the power apparatus that exists here the city will find no home in the mission we refuse to accept this facade around the manifestation of our daundz that didn't include the desire directed or what we've been opposed to from the start from the bryant street and the monster in the mission on the
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mission what we want and what we'll get one way or another is a full moratorium. >> hi good afternoon. i'm diane martinez i'm here representing the sro collaborative a project with the services we're also a member of the plaza 16 coalition so as was said earlier it is quite obvious that there does need to be a temporary halt an luxury housing in the mission, however those interim controls are water down version of the moratorium that the mission community so gridlock needs are honestly this is a insult to the 8 hundred plus people that came
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to city hall demanding a moratorium think luxury housing and insulting to the roughly thousand people that came to city hall in may declaring a state of emergency we need nothing but affordable housing those interns don't coffer this they exclude the proposed projects on mission and 2 thousand bryant that are huge facts and circumstances in the gentrification of the mission district how will those interim controls protect the neighborhood from gentrification if those two huge developments the monster in the mission and the beast on bryant are considered in the pipeline just this morning small business came in our officer who lives in an sro hotel and told me that
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the management at his hotel tell him he needs to leave because they'll be doing construction observing construction to make it nicer place to live so that they can raise the rent and invite a totally new population to live there and push out the existing tenants this happens all the time when we have a huge luxury development such as 1979 mission that is proposed and proposed on 2000 bryant those big investment just increase the rates of gentrification in the area those interim controls with a baby step towards what we need and towards what we will turn to the voters this november so we're asking that you instead
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of supporting those water down deillustrated interim controls take did hydrogen community of people seriously and to get some a better, more to your memory something that can really, really make a significant impact on the people in the mission. >> thanks. >> my name is jackie and i'm with code pink living for peace which is also a member of the plaza 16 coalition i want to talk about this proposed resolution it is not a node to the community that has been fighting to save affordable housing and stop the construction of luxury housing this proposed resolution is a mass rad for the real controls that need to be implemented in
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the mission from the commission really prepared to suspend action on applications for building permits is the commission prepared to allow the planning department to conduct environmental review of proposed sites and maintain compliance with ceqa? or will developments be exempt from ceqa controls? will this process be corrupted by developers on sites in the mission who are filing who will file negative declarations and appeals or will the planning department overrule those and allow the eir environmental reviews reports all the avenue we at mraidz 16 want to see constructed requires the
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conditional use authorization which will add another layer of bureaucratic obstacles and finally this resolution that is being proposed is for a mere 6 months from the commissioners were genuine in their concern for restoring the unique character the mission why only 6 months of controls controls. >> >> next speaker. >> i'll call more names (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm scott weaver i'm with the san francisco tenants union and the plaza 16 coalition nobody has said don't build so i
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don't want the mission to be characterized as an anti building or anti growth community what we've been talking about is having housing balance in terms of having a reasonable balance of affordable housing city has announced a policy to have affordable housing for 50 percent of its people earning up to hundred 50 percent of ami at a rate of 50 percent a bags allotment is something like 64 percent and the residential pipeline report of the third quarter of last year demonstrates that the city has ultimately and completely failed to reach its own goals to reach its own targets
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you know and i want you you to know we know that the city has built twice as many market rates units as its target and half as many affordable units as its target that is a failure of policy it's a failure of implementation of policy and when i say let's not disturb the eastern neighborhoods plan you've got to keep that as an open question there are a lot of things you'll have to consider if you're going to read this balance but you're not going to do it in 6 months i don't think you think you can do is it in 6 months and it makes a difference when you don't reach our housing balance goals you have communities where added economic pressures of the